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◆About Us 

FC PRIMAVERA is a soccer team established in April, 2013 which has been active in Itabashi ward, Tokyo. 
The origin of the team name, Primavera, derives from prima vera in Latin and signifies 'spring' in Italian and Spanish. 
It is also used as a meaning 'the beginning of something' since it signifies 'spring'. 
Based on the meaning, we believe that the children
who start to learn soccer have lots of possibilities so do not conduct the selection at the time of joining. Regardless of experienced or inexperienced, we aim to coach any one to handle the ball skillfully. 
We conduct training for a preschool child to sixth grade children and have practices for two to three days during every Monday to Fri
day, at  Elementary School of Itabashi as the center. 
We participate in practice matches and tournaments on weekends and holidays and also take part in a training camp in summer. 



■The Origin of our name 
Derived from the Latin word “primavera”; prime (to begin something) and vernal (Spring), our name also means “Spring” in Italian and Spanish. We use this to represent our belief that healthy competition nurtures individual growth in children.

■Our Emblem 
From the image; “conversion and transformation, significantly changing the way of thinking, and being happy.” The butterfly represents one’s present self making your future self; the design ties it together, shielded.



"Create good memories of soccer" 

For Primavera kids, we first prioritize to have them come to love soccer with a lot of joy. 
We conduct training in an enjoyable environment where children's curiosity is nutured. 


"Develop each student's personality" 

In a category of first, second and third grade elementary school students, we mainly encourage to acquire individual skills. 
Also, it is a period where they begin to feel pleasure about exercises, so we do a training that incorporates various elements of the exercise in our practice schedule. 
We also takes in "coordination training" which gives a good stimulation to a nervous system and make the basics for acquiring later skills. 


"Become a player who can be accepted for the next category" 

In a category of fourth, fifth and sixth grade elementary school students, we conduct training that aims at gaining more individual skills and tactics. 
We consider all the matches and practices as a place for raising individuals and in order to expand possibilities of the future, we strengthen ball controls and dribbles thoroughly and raise overwhelming individuals to tie to the next category.

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